2017 August - Update

Photo by Anneleen Lindsay

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, I figured I should post a short update to keep everything up to date. 

In July, a photo from Marching the MacLehose got selected into ShutterHub Open with Retina Photo Festival and it was shown in Scottland Ocean Terminal for a month. I would like to thanks ShutterHub for giving me this amazing opportunity, allowing me to show my work to a wider audience and bring more awareness to the project.    

In August, Marching the MacLehose was shared on LandscapeStroies blog. When I first started Marching the MacLehose, I used LandscapeStroies as a source for inspiration. It is amazing to be able to get noticed by them and share the project with great audiences. 

Finally, I am now working on the mock up book for Marching the MacLehose and on the drawing board for a new project which I planned to work on as my senior project. In September, it would be my last quarter as a Uni student. Other than working on projects, I’ve been reading a new book called Art/Work it gave me a glimpse into the art world that I’ll be entering after graduating. 

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