New years/ photo memories

Happy New Year everyone, hope everyone will have an amazing year.

Today’s the 4th day into 2017 and it have been really productive. It will be another year of working and starving as always, this will be my last year of Uni. There are few things I want to do before graduating, I will talk more about those later this year.

One of the thing I’ve done is getting a roll of disposable camera film processed. I bought this camera exactly a year ago, I saw it in the shop and thought it would be fun to try as I’ve never used one in my life.

Because I took all those photos a year ago I’ve forgot most of the photos I’ve taken. It’s interesting to look at this photos in print, I think most of you would agree looking at prints are more physical therefor more intimate. While looking at those photos it’s like a flick through my old memories (thanks to the aesthetic of the it). Even though all the photos are taken in January and February it reminds me of what happened last year this time and how much I’ve changed.

I actually bought another one in Christmas thought that I could take more photos with it, even though the camera is really compact I still managed to forget to bring it out, I’ve only shot few photos so far. After seeing the photos today I recon I will bring it out more to do this more often.

Anyways here are all 27 photos.

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