2017 London/ Format festival, Portfolio review

About a month ago I went to UK for two weeks, the last time I was there was two years ago for my sister’s graduation, it was a really relaxing two weeks, I went there without any agenda, only booked AirBnB for a place to stay, and fours days of photo festival and portfolio review in Format festival in Derby. Other than that I was lurking around the city, going to galleries and exhibition and caught up with my mates from high school.

This was my first time having a portfolio review, it was quite an experience, get to meet a lot of artist, curators and many that I thought I would never meet in-person. Going into the review I was really nervous, even though I’ve been working on my project (Marching the Maclehose) for almost a year, I wasn’t sure what the reviewer would say about my project. Overall the reviewer was really supportive, they give me lots of comments on how the project could improve, seeing I want to make a photobook this year. 

I bought two disposable cameras the first day I got there, I purposely didn’t bring any cameras with me, I knew that if I brought cameras with me I would want to take pretty photos just because I’m traveling, and I used to live there anyways, it’s like going “home” for me, there’s no point taking travel photos like the once I already took six years ago. In the end, I only shot 17 photos on the disposable.  

Using Format