First update in 2018

Five months into 2018, and I haven’t posted an update here on my website. However, I have been posting on Medium about 2 times a month (link to medium blog). The reason I post on Medium is that I do a lot of my readings there, thought it would be more convenient to post there as well since not many people will go to my website just to read my blogs.

In 2017 September, I started a new project called “Omission” and I have finished shooting for the project and on the editing process of making it into a photo book. In the meantime, I am have sequenced all the photos for “Marching the MacLehose” and will be printing the first mockup for it in the next week or so, which is something very exciting. I am aiming by the end of this year I will have two actual finished photobooks. 

I am also in the planning phase of a new project, this project would be something a little different from what I’ve done but I think it is something I needed in-order push myself. Anyways more on that later. Recently Fable & Folk featured “Omission” on their website which is the first publicity the project has gotten. 

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