1. First update in 2018

    25 May 2018
    Five months into 2018, and I haven’t posted an update here on my website. However, I have been posting on Medium about 2 times a month (link to medium blog). The reason I post on Medium is that I do a lot of my readings there, thought it would be…

  2. [Exploration of Concept and Medium] - I was once there

    30 Jan 2018
    Whenever we go travel we like to take pictures of everythings we see. In fact, this is how I got into photography at first. At the age of twelve, I bought my first camera when I first went to Australia. It was around 2009, Facebook was starting to get popular…

  3. Feature on Semi-Zine

    26 Oct 2017
    Few weeks ago my work got featured on Semi-Zine and I also did a short interview, they asked some interesting questions about my work and I, go check it out if you are interested.  

  4. 2017 August - Update

    15 Aug 2017
    Photo by Anneleen Lindsay It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update, I figured I should post a short update to keep everything up to date.  In July, a photo from Marching the MacLehose got selected into ShutterHub Open with Retina Photo Festival and it was shown in Scottland…

  5. Revolv Collective Instagram take over

    11 May 2017
    As most of you may know I’ve been working on ‘Marching the MacLehose’ for almost a year now, this week I get to take over Revolv Collective Instagram for a week to share some photos and stories from the project.  Go over to Revolv Collective Instagram to see some photos…

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