Hong Kong is a city surrounded by mountain and sea, the only ways for it to expand are either from land reclamation or land development. Seventy percent of the land is still considered as nature; however, in order to meet the demand of housing, there are plans from the government to turn the green area into an area for living in the next few years.

The Maclehose Trail is the longest hiking track in Hong Kong. It stretches over the New Territories, starting from Sai Kung through Kowloon, finally leading up to the Western tip before concluding in Tuen Muen. One hundred kilometers of connecting trails invites hikers to discover amazing beaches, to climb the highest mountain in Hong Kong and to revel in mother nature atop Lion’s Rock Peak.

My intention for this project is to show just how close the city is to nature. Taking advantage of being able to walk on the trails alone, that have been shaped by man, I saw how humans are altering the natural landscape. Buildings and concrete structures are slowly infringing onto the mountain, bringing the city into the natural landscape. We can no longer be removed from modern life; I believe it is my duty to document the trails as they are now, as there will undoubtedly be historical changes in the years to come. 

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