Historically, setting oneself on fire has been a political statement, to show their disagreement and dissatisfaction with the authorities. In 1996 Po Yin Temple rented an old police station from the government, which was also the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong, nineteen years later they were forced to move out because the Government has new plans for a Heritage Museum. During one of the protest, Liu Jianguo the owner of the temple self-immolation and set his arm on fire. The temple has seen the development of Tseung Kwan O area, due to many political reasons the government choose not to include the temple as part of Tseung Kwan O’s history.

Omission is the action of excluding or leaving out someone or something. Photography has always been considered as a tool to capture evidence. This project is a series of photographs taken in Tseung Kwan O, one of the fastest growing district in Hong Kong. As the population increases, housing developments are blooming, transportation is more efficient as roads and highways expand and bridges are now connected to other cities, retails are on a rise for the rapid growing consumers. However, the younger generation is still being educated by a system that was designed decades ago. The government's goal of the Tseung Kwan O Heritage Hiking Trail is to educate the public about the deep history of Tseung Kwan O area, at the end of the trail there will be a Heritage Information Centre and Museum, which was refurbished from an old police station. 

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